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It all started with a crossing, a castle surrounded by moats and two islands. On the one the old town, on the other island the restored and newer town. In between there were only ramparts and trenches. There has been a contract back in 1346 which states that Mühlberg and Elbe belong together but they started „living“ together in the 16th century as they started to build houses on the trenches too.

When you get to know Mühlberg/Elbe, you will recognize soon, that you are visiting a historic town.

For the future it is very important to preserve the historic treasures of Mühlberg - especially the buildings of the monastery, the castle and some single monuments.

Mühlberg/Elbe offers a sightseeing tour where you will get to know historic treasures and stunning details.

Sights :
- Castle – in the past surrounded by moats
- Monastery
- city hall

Neustädter Markt 1
04931 Mühlberg/Elbe
E-Mail: info-museum-muehlberg@t-online.de
Web: http://www.muehlberg-elbe.de
Telefon: +49 35342 81621

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