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Tanner Museum Doberlug-Kirchhain

What is leather? What is it made from and for what do we need it? You will find answers to all this questions in the Tanner Museum in Doberlug-Kirchhain, the only tanner museum in Europe.

The building, where the only tanner museum is situated since 1963, was built in 1753. Until 1947 leather was produced in this house.

The exhibition in this museum presents a technical construction/tool from 1900 and gives some information about a tanner`s life and the tanner industry. You will discover a variety of leather and fur from all over the world.

Next to the house there is a relatively new technical exhibition, where people can see how leather is produced industrially.
A guided tour through the museum and a visit in the own library might be possible after you send your request.

Contact Information
Weißgerbermuseum Doberlug-Kirchhain
Potsdamer Straße 18
03253 Doberlug-Kirchhain
E-Mail: weissgerbermuseum@doberlug-kirchhain.de
Web: http://www.weissgerbermuseum.de
Telefon: +49 35322 2293

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