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Hiking in the Elbe-Elster-Land

The Elbe-Elster-Land offers various hiking trails to be discovered. The trails are different in their length and almost each region of the Elbe-Elster-Land offers at least one hiking trail. For each trail you will find information, maps and GPS-Tracks.

The trail "Silbergras und Heidesand" leads you through the Nature Park Niederlausitzer Heidelandschaft and you may see the blooming heath as well as the shepperd and his sheep.

When you are interested in hiking through a marshland, we recommend the short trail "Die Lobentour".

While hiking on the "Grenzsteinwanderweg" you discover the old border between Prussia and Saxony. Additionally you will come across some boundary stones and you can climb the "Heidebergturm" (a lookout tower) to enjoy a beautiful view over the Elbe-Elster-Land and parts of Saxony.

If you are interested in the industrial heritage and how coal is produced, we recommend the trail "Glück auf, Louise!" which begins at the Briquette Factory Louise. After a visit in the factory you can hike on the land around it.

The trail around Falkenberg/Elster brings you to some nice places. The campground around the lake "Kiebitz" invites you to cool down and relax on the beach. Moreover you will come across some typical landscapes for this destination - wide views, deep woods, lakes and rivers.

You will come across some old fruit plantation and many oaks if you hike on the trail "Von alten Obstwiesen zu 1000 Eichen".

If you and your kids are interested in how our solar system works, what the names of the planets are and how big they are, we recommend to hike on the "Planetenwanderweg". It is a shrot trail and perfect for hiking with children.

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