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Nature's variety in the Elbe-Elster-Land

Being on vacation in the Elbe-Elster-Land means relaxation in the middle of varied nature. Almost two-thirds of the destination is in the nature park Niederlausitzer Heidelandschaft (a heathland). You could do a hike or drive in a carriage through blooming fruit trees or through the blossoming violet heathland. Grünhaus, which resembled a hostile moonscape after years of mining, today provides habitats for many different species with its flooded pits and woodlands, sandy hills and grassland. The incidence of many endangered plants and animals makes Grünhaus so valuable for nature. Regional restaurants are everywhere available and offer a cozy place with regional delicacy.

The Elbe-Elster-Land offers varied landscapes which you can discover in different ways. You either do a tour in a carriage to enjoy the smell of nature or you do horseback riding to discover the land on your own. Many of our trails lead through meadows, forests and nature parks.

Heather lambs stew with green beans and rosemary potatoes for dinner? The Heidschnucken – a traditional domesticated sheep breed – have a very particular meat. It is muscular and dark, with a taste more similar to goat`s game than lamb. Many pubs and restaurants offer not only healthy but also regional food on their menus, and turn the Heidschnucke, and other local products, into delicious dishes. To try and test our regional delicacies you can also visit our farmers markets of the Elbe-Elster-Land. Regional food is fresh, has a good taste and a very good quality.

Plan your trip

Get yourself a better view over our destination by using the map. On it you will find all important information about accommodations, sights and cycling trails. It will help you planning your stay in the Elbe-Elster-Land.

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