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Natural Preserve "Niederlausitzer Heidelandschaft" (Heathland)

Many parts of the Elbe-Elster-Land belong to the natural preserve of the "Niederlausitzer Heidelandschaft" which is popular for its "calluna vulgaris" - a heather kind.
 While hiking or cycling through it, you can leave your stress behind. If you would decide for a tour through the park with a professionell ranger, you might see special plants and animals.

The place where the heather kind is home today, was used from the military 30 years before. Instead of tanks, carriages drive through the violet blooming heathland. Another hour drive and you pass "the Loben" a mysterious moor. 

The natural preserve "Niederlausitzer Heidelandschaft" is almost 480 m² big and was formed 180.000 years ago during a glacial period. 22 communities and five towns belong to the "Niederlausitzer Heidelandschaft". Fishing, farming and mining were the most common jobs to feed the family. Today an environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism is important for this region.

Even today you can walk on dirty trails through the moor, harvest some wild berries in the woods and discover the wide grounds of the heathland. Many walking and cycling trails lead through the natural preserve.

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