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Regional Products

In the Elbe-Elster-Land we trust our regional products which are grown naturally. The products convince with its freshness, good taste and high quality. You may visit one of our farmer's markets to discover a fresh offer of different products - fruits, vegetables, homemade sausage, cereal and potatoes. Even fresh milk, honey, flesh and fish are offered which depends on the season.

And what do you think about heather lambs stew with green beans and rosemary potatoes for dinner? The Heidschnucken – a traditional domesticated sheep breed – have a very particular meat. It is muscular and dark, with a taste more similar to goat`s game than lamb. Many pubs and restaurants offer not only healthy but also regional food on their menus, and turn the Heidschnucke, and other local products, into delicious dishes. Another seasonal food which many regional cooks put on their menu by the end of the year is the carp. Especially on new years eve the carp is a traditional food for many people.

On the following we have listed our restaurants of the region. Some of them take part in our "Regional Menu" which is a group of restaurants that take special care of ingredients produced in the Elbe-Elster-Land.

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