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Rural Tourism

The best way to explore the beautiful countryside of the Elbe-Elster-Land is to sit in a carriage pulled by two or more horses. Even better is a ride on a horse - off the track. Many of our tours lead you through wide meadows where many fruit trees are grown. Most special are our apple plants which have a long and old tradition.

Ride in a carriage

Rides in a carriage are very popular for visitors of the Elbe-Elster-Land. With two or four horses in front pulling the carriage, you will explore our destination in a very relaxing way. Even habitants enjoy those tours through the heathland "Niederlausitzer Heidelandschaft" or through wide and open meadows. There are many different tours with the carriage and each one of them leads you to its own special highlight.

Explore the land with your horse

Wide Meadows and forests, heathland and sandy tracks and horse friendly accommodations invites passionate horse lovers to explore the Elbe-Elster-Land on their own just with their horse underneath. Some years ago horse lovers got together to improve riding-tracks in this region. Resting areas for riders were founded and some daily offers were made. Nearby the lake in Rückersdorf there even is a beach area for horses. Besides there is a little show-jumping-course with small obstacles.

Traditional Fruit Growing

Hundreds of years ago growing fruits in your own garden was important for many people. 125 years ago fruit growing became important for the economy, when people from Kraupa, Hohenleipisch and Döllingen started to grow cherries in big orders. The meadow where the fruit was grown is the biggest area of growing fruits in Brandenburg.

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