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Because Herzberg is in good geographic conditions, it became an important trade market in 1467.  After monasteries and the big church were founded, Herzberg became the church center of the region around the river “Elster”.

Most impressive is a vault painting in the centre of the late gothic church - a treasure for those who love art and history. Reformers like Philipp Melanchthon, Martin Luther and Johannes Clajus visited Herzberg and ground-breaking thoughts crossed their minds during their stay.     

By having a romantic walk through the city and its town centre, you can discover the renewed medieval charm of it. The Botanic Garden of Art Nouveau is more than hundred years old. If you walk through it, you will find the monument of Bismarck and Bolde. Close to the entry of the park a magic stone promises wondrous things.

Church St. Marien
Magic Stone
Botanic Garten
Park with monument of Bismarck & Bolde

Uferstraße 6
04616 Herzberg/Elster
E-Mail: kulturamt@stadt-herzberg.de
Web: http://www.herzberg-elster.de
Telefon: +49 (0)3535 482330

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