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Culture in the Elbe-Elster-Land

A special attraction in the Elbe-Elster-Land is the mix of nature and history. Beside small villages and historic town centres,  also castles, churches and gardens are waiting to be discovered. Many museums and cultural events present the Elbe-Elster-Land with its many traditions. In 2014 a big cultural event is the First Brandenburg State Exhibition in Doberlug Castle.

Historic Towns

The Middle Ages are being revived in many cities in the Elbe-Elster-Land. Towns and their inhabitants looked after their traditions and that is why even today you can experience and enjoy the small-town life.

Not only historic town centres are interesting for visitors but also the traditional spa town Bad Liebenwerda. It invites you to enjoy some wellness and relaxation programms.
Other towns like Uebigau, Herzberg, Dobrlug-Kirchhain and Mühlberg have a historic town centre. They are waiting for your visit.


Visiting a museum is not only informative but also very entertaining. It is not about the kind of interest because architectural, natural, cultural and historical interests are covered in our museums. For example the Museum in Bad Liebenwerda revives the culture of puppet play and in the Museum in Finsterwalde you can explore a very old small grocery shop as it was common 150 years ago.

Castle, Gardens & Parks

No matter where you are in the Elbe-Elster-Land, the next castle never is too far away. Each one of them has its own long and exciting history, which stays vivid in its walls. Castles of the Renaissance or baroque, hunting lodges or castles surrounded by moats – the Elbe-Elster-Land has them all.

Be amazed of all the pretty flowers, of ponds where the sky is reflected and listen to the calming sound of floating water – visit one of our beautiful gardens in the Elbe-Elster-Land. They invite you for daydreaming, relaxation, meditation or just having a walk through a wonderland.

Monasteries and Churches

In the Elbe-Elster-Land almost every village and city has its own church. Many of them were built when the land was inhabited by Cistercians, monks. Every church has its own architectural style. Also visiting the inside of a church is amazing; they are set with impressive altars and creative pulpits.

The two most impressive monasteries are in Doberlug-Kirchhain and Mühlberg.

Plan your trip

Get yourself a better view over our destination by using the map. On it you will find all important information about accommodations, sights and cycling trails. It will help you planning your stay in the Elbe-Elster-Land.

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