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Die Kohle- Wind & Wasser-Tour*** (The Coal, Wind & Water Tour)

When elsewhere they have been destroyed and removed - the region of Elbe-Elster still has some industrial monuments and they still work: mills.
They demonstrate the perfect balance of an industrial and cultural landscape and its breathtaking nature. While cycling on the "Kohle- Wind- & Wasser-Tour (Coal, Wind & Water Tour), guests learn more about the history of generating energy in Elbe-Elster. The wind blows roughly and makes the windmills turn, the two rivers „Schwarze Elster“ and „Kleine Elster“ make watermills rattle. At different places in the Elbe-Elster-Land generating energy from coal, wind and water is still an important issue. That is why there still are technical monuments of industrial heritage. Nevertheless there is an attractive natural landscape dominating.

The tour is perfectly appropriate to explore the Elbe-Elster-Land in all directions. It is a tour about tracing elements and generating energy. Visitors looking for recreation and variety will enjoy it to pass several lakes and rivers, meadows and highlands, coniferous forests, fruit trees and mining areas with many canyons recaptured by the nature. The difference in altitude is not hard to cope with.

On your way you will find some information boards of 14 chosen stations of the tour: stories and legends about the way of life and work of people who once worked in the industrial sector are told. Furthermore QR-Codes are posted during the whole tour. With your Smartphone or tablet PC you can easily download more information or visit the website. If you want to learn more about mining, visiting the F60 might be crucial. The 80m high and 500m long conveyor bridge can be climbed in order to enjoy a fantastic view over the landscape. A guide will tell you all important facts about the industrial heritage in the Lusatia.

The Kohle- Wind & Wasser-Tour (Coal, Wind & Water Tour) is a roundtrip of 250 km. Our bike flat rate offers a 24hrs service to help you with booking accommodations and transferring your luggage to the hotel while you make your tour.


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Logo and tour map

The Kohle-Wind & Wasser-Tour (Coal, Wind & Water Tour) is a roundtrip of 250km. During the tour you will have some small hills, otherwise you will find a flat landscape. It is easy to drive, especially for families with kids. The tour is fully signposted. The Logo of the tour is a mill, a chimney and water united to one picture.

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