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Cycling in the Elbe-Elster-Land

The region of Elbe-Elster offers almost 400 km of remodeled cycling trails which make your bike tours special and adventurous. The well developed network of trails will show you varied landscapes, sights, historical places and small, romantic towns. The flat land can be explored well by bike. Quiet routes off busy streets are ideal to get to know the region. Several theme-based routes combine the beautiful landscape with its regional culture and history.

Discover the Coal, Wind & Water Tour*** and learn more about one of the most important industries in Elbe-Elster, discover the Elster Cycle Path and enjoy a path along our rivers, or get to know the Prince Pückler Path*** which is a 500 km long roundtrip leading around the Elbe-Elster Land.

Cycling friendly accommodations offer a safe place to park your bike and rest your body and mind.

Service and bike rental stations

You are planning to spend your holiday in the Elbe-Elster land but you do not want to bring your own bike? No problem! There are many places where you can rent bikes to make a trip through the region.

A net of service points offers quick help – renting or repairing your bike.

To view a list of all service points and bike rental stations in the Elbe-Elster land click here.

Plan your trip

Get yourself a better view over our destination by using the map. On it you will find all important information about accommodations, sights and cycling trails. It will help you planning your stay in the Elbe-Elster-Land.



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