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Fürst-Pückler-Weg*** (The Prince Pückler Path)

For centuries the Lusatia lived from brown coal mining, which formed the landscape strongly. Today you can find an exciting mixture of old cultivated landscapes, open pits still being active and new poured land.

The Fürst-Pückler-Weg (Prince Pückler path) with its 500 km leads through the contemporary history of the Lusatia. The path goes along traditional rural settlements, castles and parks but also along impressive monuments of the industrial heritage. It leads through old cultivated landscapes like the Spreewald as well as through new afforested woods and along lakes. Again and again you can find exciting panoramic views over the bizarre landscape of the open pits.

The path is named after Hermann Prince of Pückler-Muskau, the ingenious garden artist of the 19th century. He created two of Germany´s most beautiful park and castle complexes in Cottbus-Branitz and Bad Muskau.

The trail leads to the IBA (International construction exhibition) patios, connects the historical Prince Pückler parks in Branitz and Bad Muskau, leads to the industrial heritage like the bio-towers in Lauchhammer, the power plant in Plessa and the F60, the conveyor bridge in Lichterfeld. On the path you experience the fascination of non-flooded, half-flooded and completely flooded holes as a result of the open pit rests – but also active open pits are worth a stopover.

The tour is signposted all the way.


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Logo and tour map

The Fürst-Pückler-Weg (Prince Pückler Path) is a roundtrip of 500km. The tour is fully signposted. The Logo is a blue rhombus with a white triangle on the inside.

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