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Schwarze-Elster-Radweg (Schwarze Elster Cycle Path)

The tour leads you directly along the course of the river Schwarze Elster. You will see the changing natural scenery – a mixture of open grassland and forest.

The Schwarze Elster originates from the northern edge of the Sybillenstein near Elstra and flows after 188 km downriver into the Elbe.

Along the path there are some back waters where you can find domestic animals and plants. The cycle path also offers the opportunity to get to know many typical villages and towns.

The Schwarze Elster flows about 55 km through the Elbe-Elster land. You can start your tour at the Geierswalder Sea nearby Senftenberg. After 126km the path ends in Elster nearby Jessen, where the river flows into the Elbe.

It is worth making stopovers in all locations along the Schwarze Elster. Almost every place offers small but special sights. You might pass old churches, beautiful gardens or the relaxing spa resort in Bad Liebenwerda. While riding through the country, your kids will get to know plants and herbs and they even can discover some impressive stars at the planetarium in Herzberg.

Discover our Elbe-Elster-Land by doing a bike tour along one of the last natural river beds in Europe, through idyllic places and along our natural preserve „Niederlausitzer Heidelandschaft“.

The trail is completely asphalted and there are no big heights to pass with your bike – families with kids trailers or skaters will have fun driving.


Tourismusverband Elbe-Elster-Land e.V.                        
Schlossplatz 1, 03253 Doberlug-Kirchhain


Tel. 0049  35322 6888516
Fax: 0049 35322 6888518

Logo and Tour Map

The Schwarze-Elster-Radweg (Schwarze Elster Cycle Path) is a tour along the river with a lenght of 120 km. During the tour you will have some small hills, otherwise you will find a flat landscape. It is easy to drive, especially for families with kids. The tour is fully signposted. The Logo of the Schwarze Elster cycle tour is a magpie.

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Tourismusverband Elbe-Elster-Land e.V. | Schlossplatz 1 | 03253 Doberlug-Kirchhain | Tel.: 035322 6888516 | Fax: 035322 6888518 | E-Mail: info@elbe-elster-land.de