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The ENERGY Route

Today if you look at the landscape of the Lusatian Lakeland, you can hardly imagine that you are standing at the edge of a former open cast coal mining region. The ENERGY Route, a premium product under the umbrella brand Lusatian Industrial Culture, presents at ten impressive original settings a large-scale view of what people have achieved in energy production. At the same time you can also experience why the Lusatian Lakeland – Europe’s largest artificially created water resort – was developed.

What’s special? – Visitors can walk through sites, see and touch (almost) everything that was formerly closed to the general public, or visit sites of ongoing active production, as for example in the open cast mine, Welzow-Süd.

You can experience a close up of the Conveyor Bridge F60, a visitor mine. Or for a great view you can climb up to the Lauchhammer Biotowers, a former huge coke oven plant. Visit the fascinating control room in the Plessa Adventure Power Plant or take a stroll through Marga, Germany’s first „garden city“. In the Briquette Factory LOUISE the functional technology of the 19th century production era comes alive again, and the Art Museum Diesel Power Station Cottbus presents varying exhibits in a technological setting. If you wish, you can experience a „Shift Start“ three times daily in the Knappenrode Energy Factory on the Factory Adventure Tour, or take a look at the modern Schwarze Pumpe Power Station. Tours in the active Mines of Welzow-Süd promise you an unforgettable experience, along with a visit to the excursio Visitor Centre. The starting point for your explorations of this landscape in transition are the IBA Terraces in Großräschen, the Visitor Centre of the Lusatian Lakeland directly at the edge of the mine -the future Grossräschen Lake.

The historic sites of the ENERGY Route are waiting for you to discover them. It awaits you with a variety of options:

  • Highlights – Fully developed tourist attractions with every comfort.
  • Points of Interest – Stations offer somewhat lesser service.
  • Insider Tips – Tours available only at scheduled times or with registration.

Would you like to know more about the Energy Route? Then please click here.

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