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Power Plant in Plessa

The power plant in Plessa is one of the oldest power stations for brown coal in Europe. Like huge towers the two chimneys stick out to the sky. Since the power plant was retired very early, there was no chance to renew technical installations. That is why the power plant in Plessa is so demanded – it is an authentic place of industrial heritage with techniques from the day it was built.

During your visit the “Coal Way” shows how energy was generated from brown coal in the last 100 years. The power plant in Plessa is a station of the Coal, Wind and Water Tour.

Contact Information
Erlebnis-Kraftwerk Plessa
Nordstraße 1-3
04928 Plessa
E-Mail: wernermonik@yahoo.de
Web: www.erlebnis-kraftwerk-plessa.de
Telefon: +49 152 57513613

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