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Mills in the Elbe-Elster-Land

Almost 180 Mills existed back in the 18th century but not all of them survived until today. Some of them were reconstructed and became a real treasure for this region, because interested people can visit and explore them. The tradition of grinding grain is impressive. Each mill has its very own technique to make flour out of grain.  The visitor will be surprised how former people used innovative constructions to extract energy from Mother Nature. Legends and histories let the visitor experience a mysterious flair.

Post Windmill Schönewalde

In the Post Windmill in Schönewalde you have the possibility to meet a real miller. Erich Weber still works as a miller in a 3rd Generation. It is not his job but as soon as he is off work, you will find him in the mill. When Erich was a child, he always was supposed to say Goodbye to his dad before he went to the kindergarten. He never arrived the kindergarten. Instead you would have found him in the Post Windmill in Schönewalde where he played and helped his father producing flour. Today the oven in the mill is still working and you can try fresh baked bread and cakes. On Whit Monday the traditional mill festival takes place.The Post Windmill in Schönewalde is a station oft he Coal Wind & Water Tour.

Please send us a request of your visit and we will plan your tour.

Contact Information
Paltrockwindmühle Schönewalde
Straße der Jugend 7, 04916 Schönewalde
Web: http://www.schoenewalde.de
Telefon: 0049 35362 74330, Stadt Schönewalde

Post Windmill Elsterwerda

Until today this post windmill was moved to different locations four times. It was built in Rückersdorf, was moved to Doberlug and since 2002 it stands close to the river “Schwarze Elster” in Elsterwerda. Inside the windmill the visitor will find several techniques, containers and products as they were needed in an everyday life as a miller.

Technical Facts:
Height: 12m, Width: 5m, Weight: 30t

Open: April – Oktober
Please send us your request of your visit and we will plan your guided tour. The post windmill in Elsterwerda is a station of the Cole, Wind & Water Tour.

Contact Information:
Bockwindmühle Elsterwerda
Furtbrückwiese 1, 04910 Elsterwerda
Web: www.erlebnis-miniaturenpark-elsterwerda.de
Telefon: 0049 3533 487797

Post Windmill Lebusa

Between some small hills at the edge of the little village Lebusa – there is the post windmill of Lebusa.  It is the oldest mill, 1686 says a number which was carved in a piece of wood of the mill. This post mill is not working anymore but visitors will be able to discover some old tools.

Technical facts:
Height: 12m, Width: 7m, lenght of sail-arm: 8,5m

Visits and tours need to be requested. The post windmill is a station on the Cole, Wind and Water Tour.

Contact Information:
Bockwindmühle Lebusa
Vorwerk 29, 04936 Lebusa
Web: www.amt-schlieben.de
Telefon: 0049 35364 4449 Dirk Kindlein

Post Windmill Trebbus

The Trebbus post windmill was built in 1881 by master builder Lange; it is one of the largest and most recently built mills in the region. The height of the mill is a full eleven metres and the drive wheel has a diameter of four metres. In favourable wind conditions, the miller of Lebusa could grind almost half a ton of flour in eight hours. Visitors can explore the history of the mill. Furthermore they can see different tools and containers that were used in former times. It is the biggest post windmill in the Elbe-Elster-Land. Tours are offered May to October after you send us a request.

The post windmill Trebbus is a station of the Cole, Wind and Water Tour.

Contact Information:
Bockwindmühle Trebbus
Dorfstraße 18, 03253 Trebbus
Web: www.doberlug-kirchhain.de
Telefon: 0049 176 96714235, Manuela Klee

Elster mill Plessa

This watermill is the last out of 20 watermills along the river “Schwarze Elster”. Its technical conditions from 1920 are still good. The mill is surrounded by arms of the „Schwarze Elster“ – the miller could only reach his mill by using a boat. When there were floods, drought or goblins, which were little creatures that played tricks on inhabitants, the miller had his problems by reaching the mill. Goblins had the size of a three year old with big heads and a red hood, it is told, that they were seen very often. They made the mill stop or scared the visitors away.

Tours are possible: Monday to Friday  9am to 2pm. Please call us before your visit!

Contact Information:
Elstermühle Plessa
An der Elstermühle 7, 04928 Plessa
E-Mail: info@elstermühle-plessa.de
Web: www.elstermuehle-plessa.de
Telefon: 0049 160 6487347

Tourismusverband Elbe-Elster-Land e.V. | Schlossplatz 1 | 03253 Doberlug-Kirchhain | Tel.: 035322 6888516 | Fax: 035322 6888518 | E-Mail: info@elbe-elster-land.de

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